Flint Flyers R/C Club

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Cordele, Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone fly at the R/C flying field?
A: Yes, you must register at the State Park office, present a current AMA card or other proof of liability insurance. Also pick up a copy of and follow "Model Aircraft Field Rules."

Q: Can I run my R/C car at the flying field area?
A: Generally it is not permitted on the R/C Aircraft field while aircraft are being operated in the area. There is a large area across the road from the aircraft operation area for operating ground controlled vehicles. Please check with State Park office before operating you R/C car.

Q: Can I fly my kite at the R C flying field?
A: Kite flying is permitted only when R C aircraft are not flying.

Q: Can I launch my model rocket at the R C flying field?
A: The flying of model rockets is Not permitted any where on State Park property.

Q: Where can I get help learning to fly Model Aircraft?
A: Any member of the Flint Flyers Club will be happy to help any individual get started in the sport, just ask personally or contact one of the Information Officers listed in that section of the web site. New members are always wanted and welcome!

Q: Exactly what is the AMA?
A: It is The Academy Of Model Aeronautics an organization that helps establish self governing rules and regulations for the safe operation of model aircraft. It is also the modelers voice in Washington D.C. when dealing with government regulators (FAA)  involving model aeronautical operation. Being a member of the AMA is usually required by all flying clubs and sites throughout the U.S.A.  ( Link to AMA )